Genosity has built a proprietary software platform that covers the entire continuum of the genomic enterprise from patient registration to return of results With decades of experience in clinical genomics, bioinformatics and data management.

Our platform, Integrated Genomic Toolkit (IGT) is unique because it was designed and built by lab professionals for laboratories based on the rigorous quality standards set by our own laboratory for biopharma services. Genosity leverages this platform to support not only assay development, but also offers a seamless path to implementation when the assay matures through our commercially available software.

Genosity can be your trusted bioinformatic services partner if you need to:

  • Analyze data using Genosity’s validated pipelines or commercially available third-party pipelines
  • Implement and validate your pipeline in our platform for data analysis
  • Speed up your analytics process to meet tight deadlines
  • Expand the breadth of bioinformatic solutions available to you – either for clinical expertise, redundancy, or support for clinical trials
  • Deploy cloud based secure analysis platform across multiple trial sites
  • Issue clinical result reports with standard criteria across clinical sites using Genosity’s commercially available software.

Sample to Sample Comparison

  • Trio Analysis for Germline Exomes and Genomes
  • Tumor-Normal Analysis
  • Longitudinal Variant Comparison Analysis

Commercial and Custom Pipelines

  • Archer Analysis
  • Third-Party Open Source Pipelines
  • Proprietary Capture and Amplicon Assay Pipelines

Tumor-Specific Analysis

  • Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) Analysis and Scoring
  • Minimal Residual Disease Analysis
  • Biomarker based Molecular Profiles

Clinical Validation and Implementation

  • Validation of Assay and Pipeline following guidelines
  • Version Control for Regulatory Documentation
  • Deployment in our Commercial Platform for other sites

Variant Calling

  • Stringent QC Metrics
  • SNPs, Structural variants, CNVs, Fusions using variety of tools and pipelines
  • RNA & DNA based Analysis
  • Incidental Findings and Return of Results